Ramen Trip to Austin (Michi vs Tatsuya Ramen)

I really love ramen.  It was started when I was travelling to NYC, My friends brought me to a little Japanese joint called Ippudo. In my mind, ramen is just the instant noodle that i usually eat during my college time (Maruchan ramen, el cheepoo. lol). After I tried their noodles, my perception about the ramen was changed completely. Well, to make the story short,  I even have traveled to the land of the rising sun (Japan) to experience the real and authentic ramen. I will make more detail story about this later.

Tonkotsu ramen

For today’s article we are going to Austin, the capital of Texas. I have lived in Texas for almost 5 years. I have not seen a real good ramen until i went to Austin and found this place called Tatsuya.