Under the Radar: Nara Thai

I have been living in Houston for almost 7 years and have visited many Thai places but I have never heard about this place before. One day, I was browsing the deals on Groupon, and found this place in Midtown area. Since the place is pretty close to my workplace, I invited my co-workers to join. When we passed the restaurant, one of my co-worker changed his mind because of the restaurant is next to the gas station and he was afraid that the food is going to be bad. We went to different place on that day

nara-thai  nara-thai-2

Couple days later, I convinced them to go to that place again. I told them that I will pay for their lunch. Once we get inside the place, it was completely different from what we see outside. It was clean and nice. They have awesome customer service.

I ordered Pad See Ew (I always order this when I go to Thai restaurant).
This place has the best Pad See Ew in Houston. I have gone to many Thai and other Asian places, but I had never eaten the fried flat rice noodle that as good as this one. It has rich flavor of the sweet soy sauce. This dish has similar taste to the Indonesian dish in Jakarta (Kwetiau Tek Tek).

I also tried the curry, it was OK (not the best).

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

This is the address of Nara Thai :
2111 Fannin St. Ste 109, Houston, TX 77002
Tips: Don’t go here at night for your safety.


First Bite: Ramen Jin, Houston

I heard about the rumor and news that the new ramen store will be opened in Westchase area since couple months ago. So yesterday my friends texted me to try their ramen on the second day of the opening. They got there around 6.45PM and started to wait in the line. I met them about 15 minutes later. The line was not too long, we still could line up inside the building. (It is really cold outside).

The wait time is really looooong. I saw many people just gave up and left. The line was moving 1 feet every 10 minutes. The problem was that they could not cook fast enough to keep up with the number of the customers. They also did not have enough people that work as the waiter. The cashier had to help cleaning and delivering the food to the table. We saw a lot of empty tables (almost half of the store), while we are standing and waiting to order the food at the cashier. The wait time on the line was 2 hours and 30 minutes.
We ordered Tonkotsu ramen noodles and few appetizers.IMG_3208
he one that I order called Gua Bao. It came to our table not long after we sat down. It has the crispy pork in it. So where is our ramen?

30 minutes have passed already…..
We were still waiting in our table without our ramens. They might put our order in the wrong order. A lot of people that ordered after us, got their food already. My comrades started to lose their will to fight. Our vision started to get blurry.

Oh well, Finally the ramen is here… (It is better to be good, after that long suffering).


Let me break it up into several component of the ramen:
The broth/soup: tasted like water, no flavor (literally).
Egg: Tasted like normal egg, just half-cooked
Pork Slices: Soft and tender, but too salty
Noodle: Too hard and no flavor. They should cook it longer to make it softer and let the noodle absorb the flavor from the broth.


I hope that they could improve the quality of their ramen and service. At the moment Tiger Den in Chinatown is still my first choice for ramen in Houston area.


Houston best pizza: Pizzeria Solario

I have been making a review of Asian foods so far, so how about any other food? Don’t worry, this time it the time for Italian food review. Found this new place from Houston Chronicle website. The place is located in Greenway Plaza area, in the apartment complex behind Costco. It just opened about one month ago.

This is the exact address:
3333 Weslayan St #100
Houston, TX 77027.

Solario Pizza-6Solario Pizza-5

The pizza that they are making is different from what i usually eat from Pizza Hut. Their pizza style is called Neapolitan Style Pizza. It has the wet look because of the olive oil and mozarella. The pizza itself is thin and designed to be eaten by using knife and fork. They use the wood fired oven to cook the pizza.
Solario Pizza-3 Solario Pizza-7

What to order? My friends and me ordered 3 different kind of 12-inch pizza. See below

These pizza has a good balance in tomato sauce, mozzarella, and olive oil. You could feel the richness of the tomato sauce and the cheese at the same time. The thickness of the pizza was perfect, not too thick and crunchy. The bottom of the pizza is not too burn and cooked at the perfect time. When you order the pizza, don’t forget to add an egg on top of it. 🙂


Is it really 9.0? Don’t worry, I have many experiences with pizza, I have visited various pizza places in Houston such as Bombay Pizza, Pass and Provision, Buca di Beppo, Romanos’s Pizza. I think this is still the winner out of all.


Kata Robata and Foie Gras

One day, when i was browsing my netflix account, i found the korean Tv series called “Pasta“. In that Tv series, i learned about many Italian cuisines. One of the food that caught my attention is Foie Gras. Foie Gras is the French word for fat liver. It is made of the liver of the duck or goose.

After doing the research on the yelp and asking my friends, i found out that Kata Robata is serving Foie Gras. I have visited that restaurant couple times. They have good and fresh Japanese food.

The place is located on

3600 Kirby Dr  Houston, TX 77098

On their menu, they have several food with the foie gras. I tried the Foie Gras Sashimi



The flavour of the foie gras is so rich. Once i put it in my mouth, i could feel the rich taste of the oil. It melted inside my mouth. This food is in my list of “life changing experience”.


One other thing that i tried is the miso crusted bone marrow, Which also really good. hmm.

Bone marrow

I wanted to try their O Toro (blue fin tuna), unfortunately it was sold out :(. Well, maybe next time